Accident On A174

Here we see how quickly an accident can happen by an inattentive driver. My ex pupil (Thanks Jenni!) was travelling in the overtaking lane (red i10) on the A174 when the traffic up ahead slowed to what looks like 20ish Mph. This rate of deceleration caught Jenni out to a certain extent but she was still able to bring the car to the correct speed although a little too close as she readily admits. However the red Fiat was not paying enough attention to the road ahead and now we have an accident. The average speed of a collision in an urban environment is 36 Mph which isn’t that far away from the speed of the Fiat which looks a little higher. Both parties escaped with minor injuries and are fine.

Looking at the video it’s difficult to see when the Fiat braked but my guess is it was at the same time as the swerve which is a fraction of a second before the impact. What caused the distraction we can only guess but the girl must have been distracted for a good few seconds, which at 55 Mph (truck speed) is around 70/80 metres, which is almost the length of a football pitch!

Jenni has kindly let me use the video as a reminder for people not only to keep a safe distance but more importantly to continuously monitor the traffic ahead for any dangers. Dropping back and looking well ahead will not only make for a less stressful drive but you’ll be able to see the accident before the person in front who’s following too closely.

Stay safe people.