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Automatic Driving Lessons

We are an independent specialist automatic driving school providing local automatic driving lessons. Our fully qualified experienced automatic driving instructors are patient, friendly and pride themselves in providing pupils with a relaxed, stress free learning experience.

Learning to drive in a manual car is not for everyone – for many people, automatic driving lessons are a better option. Maybe you have had a driving lesson in a manual car before and found it too difficult, or maybe you have a disability that stands in the way of changing gears. If you recognise yourself in one of these scenarios, taking an automatic test could be a better choice.

As there is no clutch pedal, an automatic car may be easier to drive – especially on more congested city roads – and if you are having difficulties managing the gears in a manual car, you may find that taking automatic driving lessons is a faster route to your licence. Some people just prefer automatic transmissions for city driving as busy traffic means more frequent gear changes for manual drivers.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Very Kind And Welcoming

100% would strongly recommend! I could not have done it without Mark by my side listening to my rants about not being able to do a manoeuvre or getting something wrong, helped me with every problem! Very kind and welcoming, I enjoyed every lesson, sad it’s over but very happy to have passed 1st time with Mark!

Eleasha Cook – 2018


Range Of Lessons

We offer a range of automatic driving lessons to suite each persons particular needs. We use the DSA’s recommended teaching system to ensure that our pupils progress quickly using a simple but effective structured learning system. Every pupil has a record card/book showing exactly where they are in terms of their driving skills and their progress to date. From this point of view you will always know where you are with your driving and when you are going to be ready to pass your practical driving test.


DSA Approved

All of our instructors are fully qualified DSA approved driving instructors who are very experienced to ensure that you will be taught efficiently and effectively to get you to test standard as quickly as possible. All of our instructors have signed a Code of Conduct to give you confidence that you will be taught in a patient, friendly and relaxed environment and that you will be treated respectfully and with the utmost care.

Driving An Automatic Car

Please Note: You can take the driving test in an automatic car. However, when you pass your test, your driving licence will only entitle you to drive an automatic.Learning to start, stop and steer is much easier in automatic cars. The right foot should normally be used to control the accelerator and footbrake. Because there is no clutch, your left foot should not need to be used at all.

When the initial gear selection has been made, usually when the vehicle is stopped, all subsequent changes are carried out automatically. They are regulated by the car’s speed and the pressure applied on the accelerator.

When driving automatic cars, the brakes have to be used more often to avoid its natural tendency to creep forwards.

Automatic cars enable drivers to concentrate on the more important things, such as planning ahead and steering.

Your instructor should explain about the extra use of the handbrake and different techniques used to control the car at low speeds.

It’s our aim and passion to train you to become a good, confident, intuitive and safe driver, as well as passing your driving test, in as short a period of time as possible.

So let’s go, quit stalling and Go 4 Automatic!

Lessons are £25 per hour or £225 for 10 hours